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Connection Project is one of the professionally managed manpower recruitment and manpower supplier. We provide comprehensive recruiting strategies to optimize the ability of our clients, along with an in-depth understanding of foreign job processes.

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We offer the right recruitment and placement solutions for companies, in their search for high-performance individuals and true professionals in their respective fields. Our team is committed to finding the best-qualified people, using optimised processes and the very latest in information and communication technology tools.

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We can cover your human resource management requirements, from recruiting through to performance management and training as one comprehensive package.

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We support recruitment companies in their own quest to improve customer loyalty and increase margins. We are able to achieve this by providing bespoke, quality recruitment solutions, enabling skilled positions to be successfully filled at reduced costs.

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Contact us with confidence to discuss a dependable, flexible temping solution that is best for you. All our temps are employed in accordance with law, and are entitled to all benefits.

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